A Few of my Favorite Things



Data Science



SMOTE for Regression with Gaussian Noise
PyPI, 2019



Conditional Random Sampling Sparse Matrices
CRAN, 2019


Submarket Modeling

Spatially Constrained Multivariate Clustering
Columbia GSAPP, 2019


Cloudy Night

Rapid Prototyping & Data Collection
Columbia GSAPP, 2019

Geospatial Analytics

Signal or Noise? QOZ's in Queens, New York

Signal or Noise? Qualified Opportunity Zones

Queens, New York

Spatiotemporal Analysis
Columbia GSAPP, 2019

Planning for Extreme Settlements

Planning for Extreme Settlements

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

3D Parametric Modeling & Optimization
Columbia GSAPP, 2018


Proportionalities: Real Estate Markets

Manhattan, New York

Geographic Information Systems
Columbia GSAPP, 2017

John Snow Reimagined

Reimagined: John Snow's Cholera Map of 1854

Soho, London

Columbia GSAPP, 2017

Real Estate Development & Planning

The Bexar Street Corridor

The Bexar Street Corridor

Dallas, Texas

Community & Economic Development
bcWORKSHOP, 2014

Fenway Kenmore Proposal


Boston, Massachusetts

Comprehensive Planning & Public Finance
Harvard GSD, 2012



Tempe, Arizona

Real Estate Development Proposal
n Creative Studios, 2012

Danelle Plaza

Danelle Plaza

Tempe, Arizona

Site Planning
Arizona State, 2012

Architecture & Design

Sui Private Residence

Private Residence Augmentation

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Architecture Proposal
n Creative Studios, 2011

Design Representation Study

Design Representation Study

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hand Drafting & Abstraction
Harvard GSD, 2012

Data Visualization


Physics Engine Experiment

Interactive Particle Simulator Visualization
Independent Project, 2019


24-Hour Earthquake Activity

Interactive Data Visualization
Columbia GSAPP, 2017


Left Brain, Right Brain

Generative Drawing
Columbia GSAPP, 2017


She's Alive!

Interactive Line Drawing
Columbia GSAPP, 2017

About Me

Nick Kunz is a recent graduate of Columbia University. His master’s thesis was titled “Unsupervised Learning for Submarket Modeling: A Proxy for Neighborhood Change”. His research interests are at the intersection of analytics, statistics, and machine learning methods in geography, real estate, business, economics, and engineering.

Most recently, he was a Data Scientist at Pacific Prospecting Group in Seattle, WA, an experimental technology start-up focused on cryptocurrency mining & managment. Prior, he was a Development Analyst at Brawner & Company in Snoqualmie, WA, a boutique real estate development consulting firm specializing in multifamily affordable housing development finance. In addition, he served as a full-time Volunteer at AmeriCorps and Design Fellow at bcWORKSHOP in Dallas, TX from 2013 to 2014.

He earned a Bachelor of Science (Hons), summa cum laude, in 2012 from Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University. He studied Housing & Urban Development, earning several merit based scholarships for outstanding academic performance. His honor’s thesis was titled “Interactive Architecture: A Driver of the Knowledge Economy”. His education also includes work in Urban Planning at Harvard University Graduate School Design in 2012.

Kunz served in the US Army from 2014 to 2016 as a US Army Ranger and US Special Forces Candidate. He was assigned to Alpha Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Joint Base-Lewis McChord, WA. His training includes the US Army Ranger Assessment and Selection Program, US Special Forces Assessment and Selection, US Special Forces Preparation and Conditioning, US Army Airborne School, and US Army Infantry School.

He is an inactive musician with previous participation in various roles on tours across North America from 2011 to 2013. He previously worked with artists such as: The Word Alive, Of Mice & Men, For Today, A Skylit Drive, and The Rendering. He currently splits his his time between New York, NY and Seattle, WA. He is happily married to his wonderful wife, Mei. They’re new parents, raising their mischievous little cat named Moonface. The only thing that he loves more is breakfast food.

Kunz is currently seeking new opportunities using data (broadly speaking).


I always welcome questions, comments, and words of wisdom. nick.kunz@columbia.edu